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06/30/2006 Archived Entry: "Hippies threaten Bushevik security"

AH. IT SEEMS THEM BROWN-SKINNED FURRINERS aren't the only ones the Busheviks consider a threat. The latest danger: hippies.

The Rainbow Family, an ad-hoc collective of free-spirited individuals, has made an annual spiritual pilgrimage since 1972 to various national forests. This year's Rainbow Family Gathering is outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and will be held from July 1-7. The National Forest Service has determined that a permit is required this year and is arresting people as they arrive. Hundreds of early arrivals have been arrested, ticketed, held in detention camps, tried in secret inside a cramped garage without proper representation, fined, and ordered to leave within 24 hours.

Posted by Claire @ 02:04 PM CST

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