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03/16/2004 Archived Entry: "Miss Fitz's Gun Guide, Part II (shopping for a sidearm)"

I ALMOST FORGOT! "Miss Fitz's Guide to Guns, Part II went online at Backwoods Home magazine yesterday. This one is on how to shop for a sidearm without shooting yourself in the foot. Webmaster Oliver del Signore did his usual outstanding job formatting the column.

Next up (on April 1) is Miss Fitz on ammo -- which I expect to be the most difficult of the four parts and the most likely to draw howls from one coterie or another of ammo advocates. (This is when I'll be glad that Miss Fitz, not I, is writing this gun guide. The guys can yell at her -- if they dare.) There's no way to write about ammo without offending somebody. I admit to having no special expertise in the subject. Other than knowing that Glasers are an impressive round to use against attacking watermelons. So Miss Fitz and I will lean heavily on experts for that one.

Part IV is scheduled to appear on April 15. And no (darnit!) it won't be about how to shoot tax collectors. It'll be about training and where to get it. Then you can shoot the tax collectors.

Posted by Claire @ 09:01 AM CST

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