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06/21/2005 Archived Entry: "Not a melting pot -- but Jello salad"

NOT A MELTING POT, BUT ... Something else altogether, says Thunder.

I've been considering opening Wolfesblog up to two or three other posters -- both to add variety and to make sure there's plenty of content here even on days I take a break. Thunder is one of the people I'm talking with. We haven't quite worked out a co-blogging or guest-blogging arrangement, but he already submitted his first rumination.

Not only does Thunder have an ... er, unique idea about freedom lovers. It turns out (cue Twilight Zone theme) he and I have a weakness for the same rare and strange version of a classic 1950s concoction -- which you'll find at the bottom of his message.

I'll now leave the stage (or should I say the kitchen?) and let Thunder take over:

When we grew up, with most of us attending government schools, we were taught that America was the Great Melting Pot. A smorgasbord of cultures and nationalities. A buffet, if you will. The main dish on this buffet was freedom. It's what attracted all of those different peoples here from around the globe. The freedom to live their lives the way they wanted to, not how they were told to do.

Times have changed however. No longer is freedom the meat and potatoes of the buffet that is America. True freedom lovers have become a minority. Ostracized, ridiculed, and damned near hated by the vast majority of Americans nowadays, the freedom-loving community has now become one of the most dreaded of dishes on the American buffet. We've become ...............

Jello salad.

Yes, that's right. Jello salad.

Personally, I love jello salad. It's uniquely American and drums up memories of a happier time, a time when my mother (AKA Mama) would serve it aside dinner for my brothers and me after we'd come in from a long day riding bikes, playing with friends, you know, typical kid stuff. Freedom lovers think of freedom and liberty in this country in the same
way; as a cherished memory from days gone by. We enjoyed freedom as we went about our lives, unhindered by governmental excesses, abuse of power, and the general malaise that accompanies all but the most limited of governments.

It's time for freedom-lovers to embrace our identity. Jello salad is happiness personified. We all know that in order for mankind to be truly happy, we must be free to be and do what we want. Jello salad is free to fit in any mold you want or none at all. The number of recipes for this gelatinous wonder are truly endless. Sometimes fruity, sometimes nutty, but always sweet to the palate. The different personalities, skills, and traits of freedom-lovers are also endless; sometimes fruity and yes, sometimes nutty, but almost always well loved.

It's high time that Jello salad (and freedom) make a comeback! Be unwavering in your support! C'mon all you Outlaws! Freedom needs you! Let's give Jello salad the respect and adoration it deserves!

It's time to get jiggly with it!


of both Thunder and Claire

2 packages lime jello
4 cups of water (2 boiling, 2 cold)
1 16 oz tub of cottage cheese
1 can crushed pineapple, drained
1 cup mayonnaise

Mix the jello and water according to the directions on the box. Add the other ingredients and mix with a whisk until no large clumps remain. Pour into your favorite mold or just use a casserole dish.

Refrigerate until set and enjoy.

Yes, yes. I know it sounds gagiferous. But if you like 1950s food, this is really the ultimate experience.

Posted by Claire @ 01:30 PM CST

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