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10/07/2005 Archived Entry: "One man, one photograph"


I think his action captured people's hearts everywhere, and when the moment came his character defined the moment rather than the moment defining him. He made the image, I just took the picture. I felt honoured to be there.

The article tells how photographer Charlie Cole captured that incredible moment in Tienanmen Square. Cole's story is a drama in itself (as are the stories of four other famous journalistic photos linked via sidebar).

In Cabin Sweet Cabin, I have a poster of Stuart Franklin's similar photo of that unknown "man with a shopping bag." That picture keeps me going on days I'm tempted to collapse in despair. I'll never be as brave as that one small man. I hope I never have to be. But merely knowing a few souls like that grace the world is cause for hope.

(Thank you to SJ for another great lead.)

Posted by Claire @ 08:52 AM CST

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