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11/01/2006 Archived Entry: "Answering the Dread"

ANSWERING THE DREAD. A kind friend wrote yesterday to comfort me after I wrote my rant on Dread. Don't worry, she reassured me, you'll soon feel better. And of course this is true. Been there, done that. Have the empty wine bottles to prove it.

Problem is, though, that as soon as we (and I say we because I know I'm not alone in this) perk ourselves back up to our chipper little Outlaw we-shall-overcome moods, they -- and you know who I mean -- immediately do something else even more dastardly than last time.

Or worse. You learn that they already did it. In the black of the night. Three months ago. And bloggers (you notice how it's never the major media?) have just discovered we're all living under a signed-and-sealed new law that allows CIA agents to sweep us off to detention centers in Lower Vladostan, where the minions of evil viziers will hang us from ceiling beams by our thumbs and drop live mice down our throats (but never, of course, torture us; that would be illegal).

So the cycle of oppression and depression continues.

But as my friend predicted, already this morning I am nearly back up to my normal determined-to-make-the-cheery-best-of-things-while-dying-of-cancer optimism. It occurred to me last night that, as I said in the original rant, they don't pass sneaky little laws authorizing themselves to Falujaficate American citizens for vaguely defined "conspiracies" and "combinations" without reason.

But the reason I perceive today is more hopeful than the reason I went on about yesterday. They pass laws like that only when they're bloody frickin' terrified, shaking in their boots at the threat, of We the People.

Eff 'em. We've got the bastards on the run. They just don't know it yet.

Posted by Claire @ 08:59 AM CST

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