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08/30/2005 Archived Entry: ""Maybe We're All Ambidextrous" (thoughts on left vs right libertarianism)"

MAYBE WE'RE ALL AMBIDEXTROUS. B.W. Richardson weighs in on the movement toward left libertarianism:

As someone who came to libertarian thought from the right-hand side of the dial, I find the various discussions in the blogosphere about the Libertarian Left fairly interesting. Near as I can tell, I have moved from being a right-wing Republican wack job to being a leftie lunatic, without really budging much from my core beliefs.

(Thank you to Simon Jester for the link. I believe I actually have two helpful correspondents calling themselves Simon Jester. Or perhaps it's only one, disguised as two. How very Simon Jesterish of them. Er ... him. Er ... whoever.)

Posted by Claire @ 01:00 PM CST

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