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07/05/2004 Archived Entry: "A film that makes glass as tough as armor"

ARMORCOAT. Makes glass as tough as armor, they say. And might also cut down on sound or other transmissions. What the well-dressed compound is wearing this year?

Bunzel recently demonstrated Armorcoat at Calibers, an indoor shooting range near Paseo del Norte and Interstate 25.

Frazee, who is a very big man, has done his own testing. He took a baseball bat to a treated window. The bat bounced off. He took a window to a shooting range and "shot it with various guns," he said. "It held up really well."

"If you hit it with a baseball bat, you'd better make sure the bat doesn't bounce back and hit you in the head," Frazee said.

The 7- to 14-mil film is made of polyester, laminates and adhesives. It is packaged in rolls. It can be cut to the proper shape and applied to existing windows. It has an adhesive and sticks to the window, although it is tricky to apply properly, Bunzel said.

The installed cost is about $10 to $20 per square foot of glass, he said. A typical residential job takes about a day to complete.

But what if you need to break a window to get out in case of fire?

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