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10/24/2003 Archived Entry: "The Nanny State and the Fat Police team up"

PUT ON YOUR LITTLE BIBBIES, BABIES. The Nanny Staters and the Fat Police are coming to watch you eat.

WASHINGTON -- At most restaurants, customers are left to guess how many calories they're consuming. The government soon may try to change that by requiring or encouraging restaurants to display calories on their menus alongside the salads, entrees and desserts.

"Requiring or encouraging." Oh, yeah. "Cooperate real nice-like, toots, or you'll never do business in this town again." Has Edward G. Robinson gone to work for the FDA?

And note -- a sad indicator of our national mindset -- the objections of the restaurant industry appear to be "oh, but it's too hard!," rather than, "Who the (*&%^$#@!! are you to tell us what private businesses hafta print on their menus?" (Funny, I don't recall seeing this particular federal authority anywhere in the Constitution.)

Anyhow, federally mandated calorie counts on restaurant menus would be a culinary abomination worse than "fat-free ice cream." We may live to be 100 if these people have their way. But, forever in the gunsights of the Fat Police, we damn well won't enjoy the process of getting there.

Posted by Claire @ 09:50 AM CST

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