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08/15/2006 Archived Entry: "The future for you happy flyers"

OH ONLY 15 PERCENT FALSE POSITIVES. I'm sure you future flyers will be just thrilled with that. As A.B. commented when he sent along this item, maybe we'd better change that tired old phrase about "nothing to fear if you're not doing anything wrong" to "YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR IF YOU AREN'T THINKING ANYTHING WRONG."

Can't help but notice, too, that the alleged results tell only how well (not very) screeners can biometrically catch actors pretending to be part of terrorist plots. Now really, how well is that going to relate -- or is it going to relate at all -- to real terrorists?

Oy. But then, along that same train of thought ("ALL the peasants are probably terrorists at heart"), have a look at this TSA concept video for a complete RFID-enabled airport, courtesy of Spychips authors Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntire. No, nobody's actually implementing this one yet. But it's a nice little insight into what Our Beloved Masters envision for Our Safe and Secure Future. (Just as ominous, from a writer's perspective, is that in planning to tag and bag us, Our Masters are considering partnering up with people who are so haphazard in their work that they don't even bother trying to spell properly when making a proposal to the U.S. government. And we're going to trust these guys with our credit-card data and the contents of our luggage? Did I already say "Oy"?)

Have a nice trip!

Posted by Claire @ 08:00 AM CST

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