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12/16/2004 Archived Entry: "Mitt Romney and the new Stasi"

ON DECEMBER 2, GOV. MITT ROMNEY decreed December 15 to be Bill of Rights Day in Massachusetts. On that very Bill of Rights Day, the New York Times reported Romney (in his capacity as leader of a national workgroup on homeland security) as saying:

"The eyes and ears which gather intelligence need to be as developed in our country as they were in foreign countries during the cold war."

Don't be too alarmed, though. He might have meant ... oh, Chad. Or Samoa. Not the Soviet Union or East Germany, the two countries best known for their "eyes and ears." Of course, neither Chad nor Samoa had "Meter readers, E.M.S. drivers, law enforcement, private sector personnel ... on the lookout for information ..." hinting that customers, accident victims, and sick people might be terrorists.

Posted by Claire @ 10:58 AM CST

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