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06/05/2003 Archived Entry: "Cute Safeway Card trick!"

OKAY, YOU WERE RELUCTANT, BUT YOU WENT OUT AND GOT A SAFEWAY CARD. After all, Safeway is the most convenient place to shop and you didn't want to be aced out of all those members-only deals. So you either surrendered your privacy to get into Safeway's "consumer" (don't you hate that word? sort of like you're a pod or a blob or something from a really bad 1950s movie) database. Or ... well, you lied. You signed up as Percival Blakeney or John Singleton Moseby.

That's good. So is signing up as Ambrose Bierce or James Hoffa.

But here's something even better: The Ultimage Shopper. Clone yourself! Or if he's still playing this prank, become a database clone of Rob at Cockeyed.com.


William Kane, who found and sent this delicious datawrenching tidbit, has also started his own list of 101 Ways to Monkeywrench the Government. He invites you to submit your own monkeywrenches. You contribute, he'll add. And Mr. Kane: Keep me posted!

Posted by Claire @ 05:07 PM CST

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