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11/01/2006 Archived Entry: ""The Immoral Majority" and the 2006 elections"

"THE IMMORAL MAJORITY." LOL. How all them gamblers and dope tokers might rise up (or not) and beat the R party. Even if you perceive the meaninglessness of elections and fail to perceive the molecule's worth of difference between the Rs and Ds, John Tierney's article is worth at least a laugh or two.

It's yet another glimpse into Total Republican Cluelessness (TM). And (although Tierney doesn't say so) a glimpse into the immobility of bureaucracies -- in this case the vast bureaucracy that churns through human lives in the War on One of God's Greatest Herbs with awesome disregard for sense, humanity, and the opinions of the majority allegedly being "served."

Posted by Claire @ 01:53 PM CST

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