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07/23/2004 Archived Entry: "HOPE for hacking the tyranny system"

HOPE FOR HACKING THE TYRANNY SYSTEM. This just in from a Higher Plane and from the fifth Hackers on Planet Earth conference:

Some even discussed plans to build a Hogwarts for Hackers -- a national security college that would teach young adults security skills like lock picking, encryption, rewriting software in cars, running pirate radio stations and building nanotech labs from things stashed in the closet or basement.

... If there was any hope at HOPE 5, it was the idea, repeated in almost every workshop, that educated, curious citizens still do have the power to hack the system.

Otherwise there was gloom, gloom, gloom as corporate and government control of the Internet grows, as innocent hacks get re-defined as "terrorism," and even discussion of product-security flaws can be a crime. But the power to hack -- or otherwise monkeywrench -- may dim, but it never goes out completely.

Posted by Claire @ 01:53 PM CST

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