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03/11/2006 Archived Entry: "Privacy is dead"


Less than 2 years ago, the ACLU showed us a glimpse of our future. A customer attempting to order a pizza is bullied by a clerk who casually peruses his bank, credit card, library, and medical records.

The technology is already here, and being used in ways that are even more chilling than the ACLU warned us about. Proxy up and surf over to the site of Visual Analytics. Thanks to Lewrockwell.com for the link to the demonstration of how the crime of “structuring” is exposed. A doctor’s bank transactions are dissected with just a few mouse clicks.

Then check the links to the right. Temporal Grid, Transactional Analysis, and of course no snooping tool would be complete without Proactive Analysis and Finished Intelligence. Here data mining allows fishing expeditions over an entire zip code. As a result of “a highly unusual set of connections,” “a large scale investigation ensued using this small network as the starting point.”

It takes only seven steps to create a “ "well-qualified target" to pursue under a full and formal investigation.”

1) Query all ZIP codes = 90210
2) Walk the 80+ ADDRESSes out 1 level
3) Select the network with the largest SUBJECT to ADDRESS ratio
4) Expand out an additional level
5) Consolidate similar/duplicated objects
6) Add the title, legend, map, and labels
7) Save results / print

This is followed by
8) Repeat.

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