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07/06/2006 Archived Entry: "Rick Celata's "subversive" materials"

WHEN RICK CELATA OF KT ORDNANCE WAS RAIDED by the BATFE and FBI, the agents in charge sneered at the "suspicious and subversive materials" he was planning to discuss with his local sheriff. Rick -- who still roams free -- sent 'round this photo of those "subversive" documents.

I'm proud that my own (and JPFO's) Innocents Betrayed is front and center in subversion. Another "suspicious" item is public domain footage of Nazi death camps published by JPFO. But most dangerous of all, of course, is the Citizen's Rulebook, which contains (gasp!) the Bill of Rights -- ALL ten amendments! Shocking. Simply shocking. It's a wonder they didn't arrest that man on the spot.

Posted by Claire @ 03:22 PM CST

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