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09/14/2004 Archived Entry: "Ian's got his own blog-in"

IAN McCOLLUM'S BEEN SUCH AN ASSET TO WOLFESBLOG that I just talked him into letting me give him his own login. So now three of us can post here: Debra, Ian, and me. And (hint, hint, Ian) I hope this means we'll get more Ianesque observations.

Starting later this month, you'll see fewer -- but perhaps meatier -- blog entries from me for a while. I might blog only two or three times a week this fall and winter. But I'll make those entries worth your while. Less newsy noise, but more real content.

I'm hoping Debra and Ian -- both strong on wits and wit -- will pick up some of the slack. But they have lives (what a concept). So we'll just have to see ...

Posted by Claire @ 08:41 AM CST

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