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07/31/2006 Archived Entry: "FIVE flag auctions -- fundraisers for Richard Celata"

IN 1835, THE TYRANNICAL GENERAL SANTA ANNA tried to disarm Texans. Big mistake. One group of people had a small cannon they were determined never to surrender. So when the general's men came for the gun, the townspeople greeted them with this:

Times have changed. Not many of us have cannons, except perhaps a rusty old one on the courthouse square. But modern Santa Annas still want to see us disarmed. So today Americans might respond with this:

Or, since they're now targeting the .50 BMG, perhaps this:

Which is the long & colorful way of announcing that, thanks to the bountiful generosity of David C. Treibs of Battle Flags, Etc., we have FIVE new auctions to raise funds for Rick Celata and family. The first four are full-size (3 x 5-foot) flags. Auction #5 is for a set of 4 x 6-inch tabletop flags in various historic (or updated!) designs.

Go and get 'em. These are three-day auctions, so don't delay.

Posted by Claire @ 07:05 PM CST

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