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04/06/2005 Archived Entry: "Canada's AdScam press ban"

CANADA'S ADSCAM PRESS BAN. A major scandal is roaring across the Great North. Well, not exactly roaring. More like whimpering.

Because the Canadian press is forbidden by their own government to report on the content of public hearings about the corruption. Canadian bloggers are forbidden to blog the news. Bloggers who so much as link to American blogs that cover the story are being threatened with punishment.

Canadian spider_boris posted the news at TCF. Michelle Malkin also posts links upon links to coverage on her blog. And defiant Captain Ed gives some of the best coverage of what's going on up there.

Seems that the government was rewarding contracts to ad agencies in return for enormous, open kickbacks, totalling at least $100 million. Even when you're talking Canadian dollars, that's some serious cash.

Silly Canadians. Haven't they learned yet that you don't ask for blatant kickbacks? That's illegal! Immoral! Shocking! No, you just ask for campaign contributions instead -- and wave the flag proud and high as you praise yourself for your "moral values."

Canadian bloggers have asked Americans to spread the news. Spreading away ...

Posted by Claire @ 07:45 PM CST

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