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11/03/2006 Archived Entry: "U.S. is 53rd in freedom of the press"

READING THUNDER'S POST ON THE BAD NEWS ABOUT PRIVACY in the U.S., I was reminded of another report from earlier in the week. Reporters Without Borders said the U.S. is 53rd in freedom of the press. Tied with those glorious havens of liberty, Croatia, Botswana, and Tonga (a sink of political and economic corruption for all its tropical-paradise reputation).

These reports keep coming out more and more. Saw one a few months ago on economic liberty. Again, U.S. slipping from the top (though not yet so far fallen as on this week's indexes). So sad, this magnificent experiment of a country, going away.

But we are not supposed to notice any of this. We are not supposed to see the monster because as you all know, if you don't see the monster, the monster can't see you. Yeah, that works. That works real well. But what the hey, goods from China are plentiful and cheap, even if they're all most of us can afford any more. And as one of those "experts" said in one of this week's privacy stories (I paraphrase), "Yes, but you can't compare the U.S. to other countries when it comes to surveillance because after all, they have a war on terror to fight."

Oh yeah. That makes it all well, too. You don't see the monster, the monster can't eat you. Just remember that, people. Keep telling yourself that ...

Posted by Claire @ 07:53 PM CST

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