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01/13/2007 Archived Entry: "Exploding parking meters"

IT'S GOOD TO KNOW THAT THE BRITS aren't being entirely passive in the face of government encroachments. They may foolishly fail to resist DNA databases or ASBOs. But at least in one small town with a long history of dissent ...

The respectable looking lady at the tea shop in the Sussex market town of Lewes was an unlikely advocate of urban terrorism. "Everyone I know is secretly pleased about the attacks. No one would mind if every last one was blown to pieces," she confided in a hushed tone.

"If I knew who was carrying out the explosions I wouldn't tell the police. Good luck to them, I say," she added.

So what is the object of such passion and hatred in a town usually associated with literature, music, antiques, and good taste? It is the parking meter.

Posted by Claire @ 10:58 AM CST

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