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12/14/2005 Archived Entry: "Fundraising auction to help pay for Bark's medicines"

Thank you for the amazingly successful Black Arrow
for Bark's cancer treatment.


Update 12/21. If you thought that was generous ... the winning bidder just sent a note saying he's "rounding up" his payment to $1,000. And the sweetheart still says he's adding the $8 postage! On top of that, one of the non-winning bidders (there are no losing bidders in this auction) has promised to donate his bid amount. Another sent $100 to help pay for Bark's medications.

All this is in addition to donations that came in during the course of the auction -- including one from a friend who asked that his $250 be split between Bark and Wolfesblog/TCF. (It's going to be a pleasure to hug you next time we meet, A.) And Debra and I have no way of knowing what might be on its way directly to Bark's caregivers and friends. Oh, those selfish (NOT!), selfish libertarians ...

Posted by Claire @ 12:23 PM CST

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