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05/15/2006 Archived Entry: "Utah SWAT raid motivated by desire to steal property"

REMEMBER THAT BIG UTAH SWAT RAID? The one where "authorities" swooped down on an apparently legal concert? Is it possible the raid was inspired (oh this is getting familiar) by a desire to confiscate the property the concert was held on? The owners of that property now plan to hold a benefit concert for Parkinson's disease research, and the feds are making ominous sniffing noises about it, having already tried (repeatedly, apparently) to buy the property.

I'm blogging this a bit late. But everything behind that link is worth a read. The Utah item is at the bottom of a column filled with righteous anger and stomach-turningly interesting info about the sorry state of law enforcement in the era of drug wars, checkpoints ("Achtung! Papers please!"), and guilty-until-proven-innocent "justice." Heck, there's even one item about being guilty until you plead guilty -- no innocence possible.

Posted by Claire @ 05:21 PM CST

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