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05/15/2006 Archived Entry: "Thunder's right: It is much worse than you realize."

Thanks to Thunder for the technically-informed explanation of HOW it is that we are all being wiretapped . There is essentially no way to evade the nationwide dragnet.

Anyone reading this page probably spotted the lies that "only call records, not personal information" are being gathered. It would take the incompetents at F-Troop about 2 seconds to match telephone numbers to name, address, and much more than you probably want to think about. The same task would take the NSA about 2 microseconds.

If they are not recording all conversations, you can rest assured that is due to a lack of storage space, nothing more. Technology will eventually improve until that is possible. Until then, it's a near certainty that any "person of interest" gets everything recorded, all without any judicial oversight of any kind.

It didn't take long to begin abusing this powerful weapon of freedom destruction. Buried near the end of the USA Today report is a mention that the NSA already told Qwest that the information will be shared with the FBI and DEA. That's right, this technology will almost certainly be used, and soon, to vacuum up all those dangerous dope smokers that have troubled the masters for so long. It won't be long before it is used to find parking ticket scofflaws, "deadbeat dads," or just general "bad guys" as defined by the thugs in office. Think of all the money to be made building prisons, staffing detention centers, running extraordinary rendition airlines, and arranging stays in torture camps!

Now another Congressthing wants to force every web site on the internet "to retain records to permit the identification of subscribers to such services for appropriate law enforcement purposes. " In other words, any operator of any website must keep logs of all visitors and turn them over to authorities with no more fuss than the whores at Verizon, AT&T, and BellSouth provided while rolling over for the feds. ISPs and others with information more personal than IP addresses are required to retain and regurgitate everything on demand. The author of this filth is Demican Diana DeGette from Colorado. She is gleefully assisted by Republicrat Joe Barton of Texas. You can read the two pages here. (PDF file)

The internet is clearly a threat to the state, so the state will try to destroy it. The telephone network has been made into the largest surveillance system in the history of mankind. Claire warned us about all this long ago. Claire Wolfe time has come and gone, and now we all face the abyss.


Posted by Silver @ 06:28 PM CST

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