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10/19/2006 Archived Entry: "Sad commentary on the death of the republic"

OF ALL THE SAD COMMENTARY on the death-by-1000-cuts of our republic (the latest blow striking Tuesday with some bizarre unintended (?) consequences attached), the single remark that hit me hardest came from a politically knowledgeable friend.

Discussing whether it was time for freedom lovers to get out of the country he commented that, apprehensive though he is, he simply has too much at stake here to leave. Then he added, "I tell myself that millions of people survived Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and Mao's China. Millions are surviving in North Korea. So I know it's possible. Just keep your head down, I guess."

For all our cries of alarm over the years, it somehow seems the ultimate tragedy that very good Americans are finally having to contemplate spending the rest of their lives regarding their country as one large prison camp to be endured and hopefully, survived.


Jim Bovard adds some scathing commentary on how the Washington Post (and we should also add, the rest of the mainstream media with one exception*) treated Tuesday's catastrophe as just one more routine bill signing. The death of the ancient writ of habeas corpus? Ho hum. The death of due process? "In other news, Paris Hllton today ..."


* And here's another, even better broadside fired by that one, exceptional journalist who, without mincing words, tells it exactly how it is.

Posted by Claire @ 09:15 AM CST

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