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07/26/2006 Archived Entry: ""Gadsden Girl" goes for $305"

WOW. "Gadsden Girl" just went for $305 after some very heavy last-minute bidding. I don't know who you are, eBay member aloch, but I think I love you. ;-)

In fact, I know the identity only of one bidder (a man who, I just learned, helped push the bids all the way to the top). But winners and (there are no) losers, what a rush. I hope you enjoy the satisfaction of helping to raise a helpful sum of money for the Celata family.


And the Bill Kipp self-defense package just went for $46.27 -- a pretty solid price for those items, with some pretty good bidding there also. Thank you eBayer 81valw98!

We should have at least two more auctions to come, both with cool items donated by people outraged by what the BATFE has done to the Celatas. I'll check with Debra to see if those items are in hand and ready to list.

Posted by Claire @ 01:13 PM CST

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