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07/26/2006 Archived Entry: "Today's Big Giggle: The 1932 Democrat Party platform"

AND HERE IS YOUR BIG GIGGLE FOR THE DAY. Put down that cup of coffee, lest you blow out your keyboard or snort hot liquid up your nose.

In 1932, the year Franklin Roosevelt won the first of his four terms in the presidency, the Democrat Party platform called for:

Oh yeah, 74 years ago, they also "solemnly promised" sound currency, balanced budgets, an end to the influence of lobbyists, a better justice system, and -- where have we heard this before? -- campaign finance reform.

Okay, on that last point, the platform doesn't actually promise anything. It merely "condemn[s] the improper and excessive use of money in political activities." Yeah. Sure. (Wink, wink. Nod, nod.)

I found this political comedy act while researching paradigm shifts. I wanted to find the point at which the U.S. governmental paradigm clearly shifted from minimal government to maximal government. But I'm not using this info in the article I was writing. Truth is, those within government have almost never believed in minimal government. It just took some time to foist the idea on the rest of us. In the meantime, cheesy deceptions like the 1932 Dem platform were necessary to con blind placate us.

The platform is by no means libertarian. You can already see big government all over it. But it also by no means foreshadows the actions Roosevelt took immediately upon gaining office. Smoke & mirrors -- very old, very useful tools. The rubes fall for the illusion every time.

Posted by Claire @ 10:02 AM CST

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