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10/21/2006 Archived Entry: "Newsweek poll on the elections"

INTERESTING ENOUGH THAT NEWSWEEK says potential voters are leaning 55-37 percent to the Dems. No surprise that even evangelicals and other solid Bush supporters seem to be through with the bastard. Hot stuff for an ex political junkie like me (even though I don't participate any more). But not unexpected.

Also expected -- and sad -- is this bit:

Asked to name the issue that is most important to their vote, 31 percent of respondents cited Iraq, 18 percent said the economy and 16 percent said health care.

Iraq, yeah. But where's freedom on this scale? Where are the people concerned about warrentless phone taps, military tribunals, and the small but basic little right not to be waterboarded by medieval thugs?

Posted by Claire @ 05:54 PM CST

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