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06/22/2006 Archived Entry: "Why do we pay taxes?"

This is not another rant about taxation as theft, although it is. Steve Saville, who writes The Speculative Investor newsletter, gives a thought-provoking answer to the question Why do we have taxation? at the always informative site 321gold.com

Our government can, and does, print all the money it wants. Today it doesn't even bother with paper and ink; fewer keystrokes than I need to post this blog entry are used to create the several billion dollars each week the government requires to feed its ravenous, ever-expanding maw.

You can get an idea of the collosal scale of this scam in this week's column by the Mogambo Guru Toting an Uzi is not a good sign. Total deposits at banks have grown an astonishing factor of 47 since 1995. Where did all that money come from? It was created, pure and simple.

Such monetary inflation is a very effective form of hidden taxation, and requires no votes by cowardly congressthings. So why do we bother to set up an IRS, customs and excise collectors, and the army of bureaucrats and thugs they employ? Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to dispense with the overt taxes and just print ALL the money?

I won't give away the answer, read the short piece yourself and learn a fascinating bit of monetary history in the process. Understanding the real reasons for how things work is the first step in effectively monkey-wrenching, and eventual dismantling, the tools of the tyrants.

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