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06/28/2006 Archived Entry: "Email ooops"

I AM (TEMPORARILY, I HOPE) WITHOUT EMAIL ACCESS. And just hit a big glitch in year-of-silence connectivity.

I was exulting the other day about getting along just fine with no home landline or Net connection. Then ... bang. The Internet cafe I relied on closed its doors without notice and for good. Or for bad.

I still have wireless surfing access here at the library three times a week. But their system is deliberately and pathetically crippled. No POP. No SMTP. No proxies. No ftp. And for whatever strange reason I can't even access the control panels to get my regular mail online. So that's that. For the moment.

I may have to resort to gmail, for all that I've groused and grumbled against it. In the meantime, though, things are a bit of a mess. Bear with me.

Posted by Claire @ 02:44 PM CST

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