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08/13/2004 Archived Entry: "I, Robot"

ANYBODY BEEN TO SEE I, ROBOT? Even though it's at the local one-plex, I haven't gone. Too many reviews make it sound like a plain old cop thriller with androids but not much Asimov in it. Ex-Significant Sweetie Charles Curley liked it (sort of) though:

[Charles' local one-plex] finally got "I, Robot" in & I went to see it last night. I'm pleased to report that it is not a biography of John Kerry. They definitely got Susan Calvin's character down right. :-)

Libertarian message time: the protagonists are able to reject the "logic" of a robot-run nanny state. Let's see if audiences can figure out the implications for a human-run nanny state.

Don't read this paragraph if you haven't seen the film: I think they blew the Three Laws of Robotics. "Sonny" (who should have been named "Danny") should have realized that the first law trumps the promise he made.

Posted by Claire @ 08:54 AM CST

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