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06/24/2004 Archived Entry: "Lyn Nofziger"

LYN NOFZIGER'S MUSINGS. They're so enjoyable, even when you don't agree with the particular opinions. Lyn Nofziger was Ronald Reagan's press secretary (among other things) and he has a likeable way with words. No permalinks on this site, unfortunately. But read his June 21-23, 2004 comments on Clinton's book and his opinion of Rs & Ds.

And yeah, Lyn. What is that about Bill Clinton being forced to "sleep on the couch." In the White House after Hillary found out about Monica? A mansion full of great big bedrooms? And he has to sleep on the couch? (No! It can't be that Clinton is ly ... No. No, it just can't be.)

Posted by Claire @ 10:03 AM CST

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