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10/23/2003 Archived Entry: "Violence sweeping Sydney, Australia"


A research project undertaken by the NSW [New South Wales, Australia] Opposition estimates that a potentially life-threatening firearms incident now takes place somewhere in NSW every 43 hours.

With almost unlimited access to handguns and in some cases, military-styled assault weapons, at least six ethnic-based rival groups have been engaged in tit-for-tat bloodletting across just a handful of Sydney suburbs for the past 18 months.

Australia banned all those icky dangerous guns a few years ago. So now the country is perfectly safe. Everybody loves everybody else and they all sit down and settle their differences amicably. The Sydney Morning Herald must simply be lying when it says this stuff.

And they banned all those icky dangerous drugs, too. Nobody can possibly be buying or selling any. So they're lying when they say these gangs are shooting each other & all those innocent bystanders over drug turf. Shame, shame. Bad journalists.

Posted by Claire @ 09:15 AM CST

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