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09/01/2005 Archived Entry: "Hardyville: "What's in Claire's Bug-Out Bag""

"WHAT'S IN CLAIRE'S BUG-OUT BAG?" The latest column is now online at Backwoods Home. I wrote this preparedness list just before Hurricane Katrina slammed the Gulf, checking and adding to my own supplies as I wrote.

I'm glad that my preps (which are mainly built around a "bug-in" scenario) go beyond what's in the bag. But I do believe, in light of the news from hurricane hell, that I'd add more MREs and granola bars to the duffel. Three days isn't enough.

Biggest problem: If you do have to bug out in a scenario where water supplies are generally screwed, making sure you have drinkable water for the duration. Keep gallons in the vehicle and the house. Check. Have purification tablets. Check. Keep plenty of bleach at home. Check. Get a good portable water filter. Need to budget for that one. Where I live, there's ample "wild" water at all times of the year. I even have several tiny, sweet-tasting springs on my land -- not very productive, but enough to gather a few gallons of water for drinking and washing if I had to. My friends in the Desert Hermitage would have an entirely different problem. But even their problem might look enviable to the people stuck in New Orleans surrounded by a soup of sewage, oil, and corpses.

Posted by Claire @ 08:29 AM CST

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