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09/01/2005 Archived Entry: "Medical fraud (by politics)/medical options"

THE REAL LOOTING ISN'T BEING DONE IN NEW ORLEANS, but in Congress and the White House, as usual. Jim Bovard's account of how the Medicare prescription-drug bill was conned and strong-armed into existence is creepy (but in Jim's hands, also witty) reading.

Bush constantly portrayed the issue of new handouts in the loftiest moral terms. In a Florida speech on November 13, 2003, he declared, “The Medicare program is a basic trust that must be upheld throughout the generations.” And because it was an issue of trust, the Bush team was entitled to use deceit and any means necessary to ram the law through Congress.

But there's some good news in health care, too -- especially for you practicing Christians. Regular correspondent SJ reports in with word that SimpleCare is no longer alone as a means of saving medical money. There are a number of voluntary cost-sharing programs that provide a kind of insurance at far less than the cost of the commercial kind.

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