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12/19/2006 Archived Entry: "Torture is destroying the nation's soul"

AMEN. Torture is destroying the nation's integrity -- destroying the souls of tortured and torturers alike.

What seems equally bad is that in many cases the torment (as in the case of an inert and vacant Jose Padilla being hauled to the prison dentist, blinded and shackled, by a squadron in riot gear) is simply a game. Like violent, military-style SWAT raids on harmless people, the military gear and tactics serve only to let cops and prison guards "play soldier" -- with their playtime sponsored by and serving the interests of tyrants. Not to mention that such games give free rein to the very worst traits of the individuals doing the "playing."

No surprise at all that paramilitary cops and prison guards like to give their gangs little-boy type names like "The Cowboys," "The Riders," or "The Rangers."

Posted by Claire @ 11:42 AM CST

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