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12/20/2006 Archived Entry: "More on "detain and torture" culture"

WITH HOLIDAYS UPON US I wanted to write something positive today. Really I did. I'll do my best to work myself up to some positives later.

But at this time of year it seems especially sad (though necessary) to be reminded that the "detain and torture" culture of the Busheviks is rotting the soul out of what's left of America. Today David Lindorff on Counterpunch confirms what I said yesterday -- that the "security" establishment is using torment and torture merely for its own private sadism. (I don't agree that "every one of us Americans" is guilty.) And Jim Bovard muses on the sham justice of Iraq with this conclusion:

Remember how Bush brags about having brought the “Rule of Law” to Iraq? Remember that Bush also brags about the “Rule of Law” in America.

Rather than bringing American-style justice to Iraq, Bush is more likely to bring Iraqi-style justice to America. The Military Commissions Act is a harbinger of things to come.

Sometimes I feel it's beating a dead horse by blogging about Bushevik torture and destruction of due process. But it's absolutely necessary to halt this rot -- the rot of torture, endless "detention," and militarization of policing and prisons -- or nothing else will ever be okay with America. Everything else here, however superficially good, will be polluted by this.

Posted by Claire @ 10:42 AM CST

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