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02/10/2005 Archived Entry: "Brad on computer backups"

ARE YOU (LIKE ME) GUILTY OF "FAILURE TO BACK UP"? Back up data, that is. Brad at McBlog has an array of easy or low-cost options. I'd have never thought of some of these.

I've been much better about data backup since the Linux Fairy delivered a 512MB Mini-Cruzer USB flash drive on Linuxmas Day. (Thank you, Linux Fairy!) But I still need to work on system backup and recovery.

One good habit: My data is on partitions separate from the operating system. So if the OS crashes so hard it has to be reinstalled, I don't end up overriding any earning-a-living work or personal stuff.

Not an infallible method, however. In December, while configuring a new Linux, I managed to blitz one of those personal partitions on this machine through a blindingly simple Stupid User Trick. Lost more than a year of e-mails and a lot of sentimental stuff, though no work files. Entirely my own fault. One of the drawbacks to using Linux: You can't blame Bill Gates for your screwups. Damn!

Posted by Claire @ 09:44 AM CST

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