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07/10/2003 Archived Entry: "Reducing income tax to zero -- legally"

WHEN IRAQ-WAR II BEGAN, DAVE GROSS QUIT HIS JOB. He decided he absolutely could not support this war or the U.S. government that was waging it. It did no good to talk against government policies when, more meaningfully, he was contributing $15,000 a year to enable those policies. With that decision, Dave set about to reduce his federal income tax "contribution" to zero -- legally.

Dave set up a blog dedicated to discussion of this process. In the blog, he describes both the philosophical reasoning and the practical aspects of his process. The blog has a good FAQ that describes the basics, as well as many thoughtful entries on the hows and whys of eliminating the income tax from his life.

Dave's not living in dire poverty, not adopting elaborate patriot legal theories, not defying the IRS. He's just taking practical steps to live by his principles. Lots to learn from here.

And Dave ... I salute you!

Posted by Claire @ 12:40 PM CST

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