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08/28/2005 Archived Entry: "Category 5 hurricane and New Orleans"

GOOD LUCK TO THE PEOPLE OF NEW ORLEANS for whom the category 5 Katrina is their worst nightmare. A geographical bowl, lower than sea level, New Orleans will look like soup if storm surges go over the levies. The potential problem is worse than most news articles describe. Some risk-assessment mavens have been warning for a long time that New Orleans is a "lost city."

New Orleans may have more vulnerabilities than anyplace outside of Bangladesh and you might thank your lucky stars if you live on high ground in an area that's not prone to hurricanes. Or floods. Or forest fires. Or earthquakes. Or tornadoes. Or severe winter storms. Or whatever.

Still, what those poor folks are anticipating is a good preparedness wake-up call. Notes to self: Always keep gas tank at least half full. Always keep at least a little cash on hand. Always keep meds up to date. Check the bug-out bag and all its contents at least twice a year to make sure every item is useable.

Posted by Claire @ 09:32 AM CST

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