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08/27/2005 Archived Entry: "TCF update"

THERE IS NEWS, very, very tentative news that the TCF forums will be back up on Monday with an entirely new look. No promises, but definite progress. I now have hope that the "missing code" was in the application software and not affecting the data. Again, no promise. But that's what it sounds like. Bark has been giving this his all, and has been solving many problems beside the fundamental one of getting back online.

We do expect to have to pass the hat for additional server space, domain names, and all the accoutrements. But it looks as if Bark has the expertise we need without having to hire a consultant -- whew! I imagine this means we'll do a nightly backup of TCF onto a different server rather than real-time mirroring. But that'll still be a great failsafe.

Posted by Claire @ 05:27 PM CST

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