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03/02/2004 Archived Entry: "Innocents Betrayed wins a Telly"

WELL, IT MAY NOT BE THE OSCARS, but I just learned that Innocents Betrayed has won a Telly Award. The Tellys are given for local, regional, and cable programs, local, regional, and cable commercials, and non-broadcast film or video productions. Innocents received a Bronze Telly for placing second overall in the history/biography video category.

Yeah, it may not be the Oscars, but I can receive my plaque or statuette while wearing my sweatpants instead of some frou frou gown. That makes the Tellys okay by me.

Congratulations to Aaron Zelman, Richard Stevens, IV Media (our great production house) and to all you people out there who donated money, contributed photographs, and cheered the project along.

There's more good news coming about Innocents Betrayed, but I promised Aaron I wouldn't scoop him on everything

BTW, if you haven't got your copy yet, or if you want extra copies for libraries, friends, gun clubs, etc. order here. I guarantee you, Innocents Betrayed is one powerful mind-changing tool. I can't believe the number of letters JPFO has received from people saying their friends or family members went from anti-gun to pro-gun in a single viewing -- no big arguments, no volumes of reading, no necessity to get mugged before grokking the value of armed self-defense -- just Ohmigod, NOW I get it ....


Aaron Zelman
JPFO, Inc.
P.O. Box 270143
Hartford, WI 53027

Dear Aaron:

Congratulations! It is my privilege to inform you that JPFO and I V Media, Inc. have been recognized by the 25th Annual Telly Awards Committee with a Bronze Telly for Innocents Betrayed.

Individuals representing large and small firms including advertising agencies, TV stations, production houses and corporate video departments judge telly Awards. All judges have previously won a Silver Telly Award. The Telly Awards bestows two levels of recognition. The first is a silver level for a ranking of 9.0 or above on a 10 point scale. The second is a bronze level for a ranking between 7.0 – 8.9. A Telly Award is given based on the merit of each entry, so some categories may have multiple winners, and some may not have any.

The Telly Awards receives in excess of 10,000 entries each year from all 50 states and many foreign countries. Innocents Betrayed competed in the history/biography category.

Again, congratulations. You should be very proud. Your project is recognized with submissions from such notable winners as ESPN, Time Life, Columbia Pictures, NASA, NBC and Miramax Films.

It was our pleasure to be your partner in this process. We’ll be obtaining a statuette for our offices and displaying it proudly.

Patrice M. Nault

Posted by Claire @ 03:54 PM CST

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