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08/24/2005 Archived Entry: "Cops make war on a rave"

S**T. THIS IS AN ACT OF WAR, not policing. And note that it's all because a concert (or "illegal rave" as the jackboots put it) "might attract" drug users and criminals. (Is there anything that might not attract them?) Remember that the feds have laws that can slam promoters of "illegal raves" into prison for up to 20 years.

Discussion started by one of the musicians here. All this found via Bill St. Clair's End the War on Freedom blog.

What is it with this "War on Fun"? And what is it with this business of charging into crowds, sticking full-auto weapons in innocent people's faces, then busting them for "failure to obey a police officer" and "resisting arrest" when they -- understandably -- panic or get furious? The authoritarian mentality behind this goes beyond sick. This sort of violent military attack shouldn't just get the participants and planners busted; it should cause a major rethinking about how much use we really have for (in the words of Innocents Betrayed) protectors that have become predators.

Another thing I found interesting (and typical). It appears that the concert promoters did everything right, proper, and legal -- but may have forgotten just one of several permits they were required to get. The sheriff's office claims to have started watching them weeks before the concert, based solely on that fact. Why not just go to the promoters and say, "We see you haven't obtained that permit yet. Better take care of that before the event"?

Although obviously (and blessedly, and through quite a bit of luck) less lethal, this has a Waco feel about it -- as if the sheriff and his bullies were looking for the glory of the Hollywood-style raid, rather than genuinely wanting the most peaceable solution.

Posted by Claire @ 12:01 PM CST

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