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02/10/2005 Archived Entry: "CIA Admits Torture"

I guess now that Mr. Gonzalez has been confirmed, it's safe to admit that yep, we've been torturing prisoners overseas.

Debra here. According to BBC News, a former CIA official has confirmed suspicions that dozens of terror suspects have been flown to jails in Middle Eastern countries where torture is routinely practiced. Michael Scheuer, who once headed the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, said the operation was authorised at the highest levels of the CIA and the White House and was approved by their lawyers.

Some quotes by the inestimable Mr. Scheuer:

" I personally have no problem with doing any operation as long as it's justified legal by my superiors."

"Human rights is a very flexible concept... It depends how hypocritical you want to be on a particular day."

Nice, eh?

Posted by Debra @ 09:03 AM CST

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