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10/14/2003 Archived Entry: "A better way to put your money into space"

YESTERDAY'S POST ABOUT INVESTING IN LUNAR REAL ESTATE WAS A JOKE. But it drew a serious response from Kirsten Tynan of the Space Entrepreneurship Network. She pointed out that the U.N. treaty that prohibits governments from claiming the moon or planets probably also applies to individuals. (At least, the guys with the big guns think so, and a cruise missile or a .50 BMG speaks louder than all us anarcho-libertarians protesting, "Hey, I didn't sign the damn treaty!")

Kirsten wasn't writing merely to bust bubbles. She adds:

I will say that people with $40 to burn could instead send their cash to Transorbital, Inc. which is very likely to be the first private venture to conduct commercial flights to the moon. See their website at http://www.transorbital.net. They have some specials which will allow you to fly your personal message to the moon for less than $40.

She caveats: "I don't benefit in any way from promoting them, except in the general sense that someone who wants to go to space benefits from the promotion space entrepreneurship efforts."

Posted by Claire @ 09:38 AM CST

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