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09/13/2006 Archived Entry: "The Hunt for Confederate Gold -- Cool book!"

HOO BOY! I LOVE IT WHEN A FREEDOM BOOK ends as great as it begins. The book in question is one I mentioned last week, The Hunt for Confederate Gold, Thomas Moore's debut novel.

Since this is obviously intended to be the first novel among many, the news is even better. My review is below.

By Thomas Moore
Fusilier Books, Alexandria, VA, 2005

The Hunt for Confederate Gold tells three parallel stories:

These three stories come together as Bo discovers a coded document that might, just might, point toward the long-rumored cache of missing Confederate gold.

The book, a well-made trade paperback, is professional in every sense, from effective cover art and fine typesetting to a solid, very intriguing plot.

Its storytelling is smooth-flowing, passionate, articulate, and impeccably constructed.

It definitely shows signs of being a first novel. Some characters could be better drawn (we see that Bo is eventually attracted to Iona, but since her major actions are foolish or spineless ones that put "the good guys" in jeopardy, I'm not sure what the attraction is). An intriguing character named Noddy Law remains mostly undeveloped, but I hope he'll turn up and play a larger role in future sequels.

Because Moore aimed for a meaningful story, as well as an action-oriented one, we do get a few lectures. But they don't slow the book down. (Aaron and I faced the same problem when writing RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone, so I definitely empathize.)

Regardless of small flaws, The Hunt for Confederate Gold is a page-turner for sure. It's also a novel of hope for both Southrons and independence-loving Yankees and Westerners alike. If you can't already tell, I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it.

I was going to end by quoting a long passage from pages 118 and 119. But I think I'll just end now and encourage you to find and enjoy that passage (and many others) for yourself.

And hey, Tom Moore, KEEP WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Claire @ 03:20 PM CST

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