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05/13/2003 Archived Entry: "Monkeys with typewriters"

WHERE IS THAT DAMN CLAIRE, ANYHOW? She ain't said anything worth sayin' in two whole days and in the meantime the world's goin' to hell without even a handbasket, 'cause the taxman took the handbasket to put his deficit in. Will somebody tell that woman that even if some eggheads have proved that monkeys will mostly piss on the computer instead of writing Shakespeare that the monkeys are probably doin' a better job than her?

And speakin' of missin' from action, she ain't said a damn word about us folks in Hardyville since ... hell, since that other fool idiot thought he was God's own gift to the whole world. And now we got another one even worse after nobody thought that was possible in the entire future history of the whole human race and where is that woman?

Anyhow, while we're waitin' for her to say something new worth sayin', somebody wanted to know where they could find some old stuff worth sayin' again. So for all you that are ready to kick gummint ass instead of havin' it keep kickin' yours, here's "Keeping the Baby Unnumbered", which is actually by Claire and Lawyer X, except the rockheads at WorldNetDaily keep changin' the credit line. And since a bunch of whiners whined about that one when it first hit the fan, here's the next one, "(Not) Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about SSNs". Now I'm gonna go hunt that woman down and put her back to work.

Posted by Nat Lyons @ 10:24 PM CST

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