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06/03/2003 Archived Entry: "Wyoming is the most wealth-friendly"

BLOOMBERG'S WEALTH MANAGER SAYS WYOMING IS THE MOST WEALTH-FRIENDLY STATE. No surprise. Wyoming has come up on top six years in a row, and wealthy coast-folk have used it as their haven residence for decades. But the stats are interesting.

Alabama & Nevada (tied for second), Tennessee, Louisiana, and Washington round out the top five in "overall wealth friendliness." (But I'm convinced Washington always ranks high in such tables because the compilers of stats don't have a category for that state's horrible, one-of-a-kind Business and Occupation tax. The Washington state constitution forbids an income tax. So instead the state -- with the full approval of its supreme court -- has ... a tax on income. Go figure.)

Montana, which I went on about with such glee yesterday as a potential Free State, places a dismal 44th. No surprise there, either, I'm sad to say. Despite its blessed lack of a sales tax, Montana has nasty property and income taxes. (Which Porcupines will surely change when they have their say, right?)

Bloomberg also says Montana's big Free State competitor, New Hampshire, is #11.

Porcupines and other liberty seekers: Read all about it in the PDF article "States of Despair."

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