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02/27/2005 Archived Entry: "How the Amish won exemption from social security"

HOW THE AMISH WON EXEMPTION FROM SOCIAL SECURITY. This link arrived on Friday from a stranger called Sensei.

I meant to post it Saturday for a leisurely weekend read, then got too deep into a mix of deadlines and computer grumbles. In any case, the story of the independent Amish is well worth reading, even if you must cram it into a very unAmishlike Monday workday.

Sensei called out this quote from the article:

...When the last Amish buggy has disappeared from the dusty by-road, or has been sold like Valentine Bylerís three plow horses, it will mark more than the passing of a sect who were overwhelmed by time and change. It will mark also a milestone in the passing of freedom --- the freedom of people to live their lives undisturbed by their government so long as they lived disturbing no others. It was a freedom the country once thought important.

Valentine Byler's horses were taken by the IRS for non-payment of social security taxes. And therein lies the story ...

Posted by Claire @ 11:31 PM CST

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