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04/19/2004 Archived Entry: "Fooling the fingerprint reader"

OH, LETS HAVE A DROP OF GOOD NEWS, even if we do have to borrow it from more clever folks. The other day rockchucker posted this link in the Hardyville section of The Claire Files forums. I post it here for anybody who missed it. The linked article explains, in useable detail, how to fool the modern digital fingerprint readers. What I like best about the info is that it doesn't come from Loompanics, Paladin Press, or any of their ilk. It comes from Japanese cryptographer and professor Tsutomu Matsumoto, courtesy of noted security maven Bruce Schneier. The general word on "gummi fingerprints" has been around for a while. But this article gives almost step-by-step instructions for making them.

Posted by Claire @ 11:52 AM CST

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