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05/03/2004 Archived Entry: "Americans and British become the enemy"

IT'S HARD EVEN TO LOOK AT THE IMAGES let alone to think that nice, civilized British* and American taxpayers financed these horrors. All in the name of liberating Iraq from torturers, of course.

War crimes. Committed by Americans in -- oh lord, the irony! -- Saddam's most infamous prison, known for its tortures.

And just how do you account for a general who's supposed to be in charge of prisons who says that's it's all just plain not her fault because "military intelligence" made them do it?


* Note May 15, 2004: The British photos turned out, notoriously, to be fakes. Reports from various watchdog groups do say the British have been abusing their prisoners in southern Iraq, but not to the degree show in these photos or described in the accompanying text.

Posted by Claire @ 08:40 AM CST

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